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Monday, September 1, 2008

25 ways we spent Labor Day - September 1, 2008

1. annapatterson: Home from Labor Day sales. Couldn't find the bedspread I'd like so bought my default item - a new pair of jeans. Seems successful that way. · View Tweet

2. msorensen: Spending my Labor Day working in the yard · View Tweet

3. rhjr: Spending Labor Day doing things I don't really want to do. And yes, they do involve labor. · View Tweet

4. jgderuvo: US turns over Anbar to Iraq. And nobody notices. · View Tweet

5. stevegrossman: is spending a half-productive, half-restful Labor Day. · View Tweet

6. formerglory: Spending Labor day laboring to put up shutters. Damn you Hannah. · View Tweet

7. starrynight256: Spending Labor Day watching Netflix movies, listening to NPR and playing poker. :) · View Tweet

8. tomhoobyar: Spending Labor Day in a Santa Cruz California coffee shop with my wife and my laptop, writing. · View Tweet

9. rebeccaburch: Is it ironic that I'm spending Labor Day frantically running around, trying to get stuff done that I don't have time to when I'm working? · View Tweet

10. Armano: Spending the remainder of labor day at beach and BBQ. As it should be. · View Tweet

11. foolishgames: i can't believe i'm spending my labor day cleaning house. : · View Tweet

12. LesleyRealtor: Spending Labor Day on Cape Cod. Beautiful day, hope you enjoy yours! · View Tweet

13. annabethblue: I'm going to spend my Labor Day spending all the money I've labored to get....on bills. :-\ · View Tweet

14. the_mighty_emem: spending labor day watching the monk marathon on usa. whoo hoo! no, seriously! · View Tweet

15. treesaregreen: kicking off labor day sans labor as it should be. · View Tweet

16. SamKnoll: While the rest of NC is spending Labor Day at the pool... we are going ice skating. Keeping cool either way! · View Tweet

17. garrettandjoy: Garrett is golfing with dad and two brothers (rarely happens), spending Labor day with Nudd families with picnic food, yum! Watching Gustav! · View Tweet

18. donhornsby: I am looking forward to spending time with extended family - and driving in the local Labor Day parade... · View Tweet

19. cherbert: Spending Labor Day here in London by going to work but hopefully some barbeque & beers later tonight. · View Tweet

20. s5: looks like I'll be spending Labor Day laboring. workers of the world, unite! · View Tweet

21. jasoncdukes: is watching the NASCAR race with Caleb. His friend Caleb is watching it with us & spending the night too. Happy Labor Day to all. · View Tweet

22. ToThink: Spending Labor Day weekend looking for labor. Updating resume, linkedin, etc. · View Tweet

23. jdcoffman: Want to know what's fun on Labor Day? Renaming your blog tags and adjusting the taxonomy on your blog. :-) · View Tweet

24. bluedepth: The Zoo was a wonderful way to spend Labor Day. Fueling up and Soda'ing up. No burns, hooray! · View Tweet

25. dougblackjr: is noticing no one really twitters on Labor day! · View Tweet
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