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Sunday, August 31, 2008

11 Tweets for the "Mercenaries 2: World in Flames" release today, August 31, 2008

1. inmostlight: Ahh, the good ol' Mercenaries fun of capturing a high-value target alive and extracting him in the midst of chaos. · View Tweet

2. clubside: Mercenaries 2 is out and I'm playing on the Xbox 360, first mission already showing the true glee of destruction! · View Tweet

3. rickyp: About to start mercenaries 2. Excited? Yes!!! · View Tweet

4. upside27: wow the AI on mercenaries 2 is completly retarded. nonetheless the game is still far · View Tweet

5. seanmay: just rented Mercenaries 2. I hope my 360 can keep it together long enough to play it · View Tweet

6. inmostlight: picked up Mercenaries 2. Time to overthrow Venezuela! · View Tweet

7. quatoria: Mercenaries 2 is excellent. Peter Stormare was born to play a violent tattoed psychopath. "Hello, mister AK!" · View Tweet

8. patmcnally: I do believe that I'm going to pick up mercenaries 2 this morning. All this talk of co-op + massive explosions has me sold. · View Tweet

9. curtico: cannot get enough of Mercenaries 2! This game is a blast! · View Tweet

10. quatoria: 10 hours till Mercenaries 2. Nothing's as much fun as bloody handed war profiteering, baby! · View Tweet

11. danerdy1: i don't know why, but the Mercenaries 2 tv jingle is stuck in my head. my wife gets annoyed at it. "i'm a mercenary," oh sorry. · View Tweet

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