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Monday, August 25, 2008

Tweetlog for Monday, August 25, 2008

  • Twitterland reactions to Ted Kennedy tribute - very touching
  • Twitterland reactions to Caroline Kennedy - boring
  • Twitterland reactions to Jesse Jackson - glowing
  • Twitterland reactions to Jimmy Carter -- many were distracted by his creepy left eye
  • Twitterland reaction to Nancy Pelosi not kind
  • Retweet @dannysullivan: after nearly four years in the making, google suggest finally comes to the google home page
  • Chat and IM tool Adium releases ver 1.3 with chat support for Facebook.
  • Tweeters enjoying new FriendFeed beta release
  • Latin American pop star Daddy Yankee endorses John McCain for president
  • US stocks tumble following disapointing housing report. DJIA down 2.1%
  • Twitter speak: "fail whale" = Twitter is down
  • Manchester United beats Portsmouth 1-0
  • Usage of hashtags for group twittering on the rise. How? Include your group name in the Tweet. e.g. #groupname - use any name, then search!
  • Seattle based travel site closes its doors
  • 2008 Tennis US Open begins today at Billie Jean King National Tennis Stadium in Queens, NY
  • Tropical Storm Gustav now blowing in the Caribbean. Forecasters say it could reach hurricane strength. Heading toward Haiti/Dominican Rep.
  • goes live providing Twitter usage stats. Initial observations are positive.
  • Tyson Foods to donate 100 pounds of food to Austin area food bank for every comment received on its blog.
  • Rave reviews for "Playing for Keeps" - A superhero novel by Mur Lafferty. Solid five star reviews at Amazon (sold out).
  • New Yorkers are buzzing about -- a new Google Maps mash-up that aims to provide safe bike driving directions
  • The Democratic National Convention (#DNC08) officially begins tonigh at 5:00pm EST
  • Southeastern United States under severe weather watch and tornado alerts
  • Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson and three others survive plane crash in southeastern Ontario
  • It's raining sideways in Georgia.
  • From the journal "Science" by way of NY Times: Researchers at the Swiss Univ of Lausanne find we can smell danger - alarm pheromones we emit
  • Online real estate search site Trulia releases mobile version.

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